Founded in 2021 by Kim Little, life-long meditator and experienced entrepreneur in the technology industry.

Moments of Space was created to blur the boundaries between life and meditation, to transform people’s reality from one of overwhelm and escapism to one of presence and potential.
Combining ancient teachings with cutting edge technology and a passionate team to blend meditation with modern day living.
Open your eyes to a new way of life.
Co-owner & Global Community Director
gwyneth paltrow meditation
Moments of Space was invited to present at the ‘In Goop Health’ summit in Los Angeles. After trying the product and connecting to the vision of bringing eyes-open meditation to a mainstream audience, Gwyneth Paltrow joined as Global Community Director.

Team. Meet our people

We have assembled a team of passionate experts in product development, meditation writing, engineering, marketing and community building. With their combined knowledge and unwavering dedication, Moments of Space has transformed from a vision into a tangible reality.