Frequently asked questions

How can I access the app?

Moments of Space is available to download for free, please search 'Moments of Space' on the App Store. We are currently rolling out globally and working towards an Android app, too. If you can’t find us on your App Store, please email

Why should I use it?

Set out on the Path to Awakening with our skill-based meditations, designed to transform your practice and your life. Our Path content is structured to teach you the what, why, and how of meditation in short practices that can easily fit into even the busiest of days. Reflect to tell us how you feel, and you’ll be guided on a personalised Path, based on what you need most, or you can head to the Library to choose your own Path. You'll learn innovative and ancient techniques, inspired in particular by Dzogchen wisdom, balanced with scientific approaches. Find a range of meditations in both seated and walking mode so you can practise at home or on the go, with your eyes closed or open.

To supplement your Path to Awakening, you can listen to stand-alone Moments – meditations covering a variety of goals and emotional states that you may be working towards or experiencing. You can also deepen your practice with unguided meditation sessions in our Timer.

As you move through the app, we'll track your progress in the Journey meter to help motivate you as you build your Practice. You can track your lifetime meditation minutes and collect monthly reward badges depending on how many days you’ve meditated that month. You can track your lifetime meditation minutes in our app and collect monthly reward badges depending on how many days you’ve practised that month. We'll also send you personalised nudges to help you turn walking time and waiting time into opportunities to find more Moments of Space.