Web2’s dominant economic models are often focused on the use of revenue solely to grow the pockets of the business and its investors. In the sphere of meditation platforms, this is directly at odds with the origins of many of the techniques taught, and whilst a business must generate funds to survive and grow, there is a gap in the market to reconnect with the values behind meditation. Existing techniques are well-matched for generating corporate profit but poorly suited for user incentivization and the long-term development of positive skills and habits. Most applications do not empower you; instead, they keep you dependent by not helping you comprehend why you are doing what you are doing. This is inherently contrary to the core values associated with the origins of meditation.

Our Goal

Our goal is to spread the life-changing benefits of meditation whilst distributing financial wealth from our growth where it’s needed most with a connected and vibrant community. Non-monetary rewards will be offered for those who choose to donate rewards, helping to encourage giving. We’re fostering a collective that is centred around a shared goal to spread kindness throughout the world. This community will form our foundations and help us bloom, like a lotus, creating together as we grow.

What Is
Moments of Space?

MoS is a platform for meditation with a set of tools that harness and unite the growing power of people around the world in web3, bringing about a raised level of consciousness in the world we live, while finding unique ways to allow us to connect and support each other in our meditation journey
We take a unique approach to a subscription-based platform that is underpinned by people like you, to ensure that everyone has access and can benefit from its growth. From product feedback to content creation and development, we aim to share mindfulness throughout the world while generating and sharing value in the way that it is most needed for each individual.

Despite ever-growing technological means of connecting to the world around us, society is experiencing an epidemic of increasing detachment from who we really are. It’s difficult to turn off and look away from a screen that frequently offers terrible news, with social media pushing us to act or look a certain way. We frequently sacrifice time for our mental health in favour of the next dopamine boost. This challenge is especially prevalent in web3, but it has also demonstrated how the strength of acting together as a collective consciousness can considerably improve the likelihood of success.

According to a 2018 study published in Behavioural Brain Research, meditating for just thirteen minutes per day for eight weeks resulted in improved attention, enhanced memory, and lowered anxiety. Studies also suggest that frequency is far more beneficial than duration. To support this, we offer Paths of short, accessible meditations that can be listened to any time, any place, to help you make meditation part of your everyday. All Path content is also available in Walking Mode, so you can meditate on the move. We’re also building out a bank of varying length meditations for specific situations to provide you with the content you need when you need it.

Regular meditation helps us to be present in the here and now and enables us to extend that awareness into our daily activities, radically changing how we relate to our thoughts, emotions and each other. We believe meditation and mindfulness, combined with mechanisms that inspire connection, self-development and giving, will help to support the growth of the individual, the community and the world around us.

In addition to the app, a core component of MoS will be a “twinned” dynamic Non-Fungible Token (dNFT) that evolves by earning Evolution Points (EP) during your meditation journey. For each dNFT,  a twinned dNFT will be minted and given to users who may find subscriptions to meditation platforms inaccessible due to pricing. The dNFT will visually evolve as users take action in 4 different areas that allow the generation of value as financial rewards for those that need it. It will also act as a key to additional non-financial benefits such as events and retreats for those who choose to give, contribute or create.

Where Did We Come From?

At the heart of our mission is a desire to share the transformational benefits of meditation with the web3 community and beyond. Our content is based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and inspired by the traditions of Dzogchen and Mahamudra. These teachings delve into the ultimate nature of the mind to initiate a process of self-exploration and magnify connection, resilience, growth and realisation. 

We align the principles of these traditions with neuroscientific findings and draw on a broader range of techniques and practices to provide a unique, practical and effective path of meditation that has its roots in the ancient and its branches reaching for the horizon of a broader, more modern world. We want to share meditation to help you to seek deeper meaning, enhance your mental wellbeing, activate your fullest potential, and in turn inspire new ways for us all to lead happier, more meaningful lives.

WHat makes US different?

Legacy web2 meditation platforms are built to gather subscription income or significantly tax content creators, while others may move towards monetising your data. They may serve a purpose and assist your wellness on some level—often through intriguing celebrity partnerships—but they do not serve a wider communal or social benefit and instead work only to use your mental health to enrich the pockets of teams and investors. With MoS, you are the team, a community on a mission to enhance presence in our daily lives and share in the value we generate.
We’re a group of explorers working together to build multi-platform awakening experiences that will change the way we live, work, relax and play. We encourage and reward acts of generosity while leveraging DeFi to share social good with those that need it most. We aim to enhance the power of web3 community and values by providing a medium to facilitate community connection, contribution, rewards and monetisation of creator content.

Our App

Structured content to build your skills step-by-step
Structured content to build your skills step-by-step
The structured nature of our content is designed to operate like a course in meditation and perception. You’ll be guided through a series of progressive Paths within four Pillars based on the foundations of mindfulness that will inspire you to change your relationship with your mind, emotions, energy and reality. 
Our app roadmap includes an Android OS, wearables, developing AI and ML and creating immersive experiences in AR, VR and at IRL events. We believe in using tech for good by turning the very things that distract us into tools for transformation. 

Our App

Structured content to build your skills step-by-step
The structured nature of our content is designed to operate like a course in meditation and perception. You’ll be guided through a series of progressive Paths within four Pillars based on the foundations of mindfulness that will inspire you to change your relationship with your mind, emotions, energy and reality. 
Our app roadmap includes an Android OS, wearables, developing AI and ML and creating immersive experiences in AR, VR and at IRL events. We believe in using tech for good by turning the very things that distract us into tools for transformation. 

Our App

Personalised guidance based on what you need
A timer feature to practice unguided meditation
Walking Mode so you can meditate on the move
AI context detection notifications remind you to be mindful

Our App

Personalised guidance based on what you need
A timer feature to practice unguided meditation
Walking Mode so you can meditate on the move
AI context detection notifications remind you to be mindful

Value Generating

Lifetime Membership NFT: The MoS community will officially launch with a limited sale of MoS lifetime membership NFTs that will cost significantly less than lifetime subscriptions on other meditation platforms and come with many more benefits.

When we launch our dNFT in ’23, holders of the lifetime NFT will be able to mint a dNFT with unique identifiers and additional holder benefits such as increased EP earning and elevated community roles. For every lifetime subscription minted, MoS will mint another NFT to be given away to a community member who can’t afford it.

Twinned Dynamic NFT (dNFT): The dNFT will form the foundation of a user’s journey and evolve based on four tracked activities, from meditation to charitable donation, with each evolution representing that user’s actions. For each paid subscription dNFT minted, a corresponding “twinned” dNFT is minted to be given out to reduce barriers to entry (in the same way as our lifetime NFT will have been previously). Individuals will then be randomly assigned a “meditation twin” periodically to both support their mindfulness journey and facilitate genuine connections across the world. To prevent a sense of inferiority or status, users will be matched randomly so you could be matched to a “free mint” NFT or a “paid mint”, and your twin will change periodically to keep a vibrant and diverse community.
EP: You will earn EP against each of the four categories explained later, in order to evolve the dNFT, but here’s where it gets exciting: you can grow and hold your EP and keep earning and evolving it to be eligible for more exclusive rewards via periodic snapshots. Or, you can choose to burn your earned EP (while also devolving the dNFT) for USDC initially (from a USDC pool we divert some subscription revenue to), or to our native token once launched. This amount will be sustainable, enough to make a difference to those in need, but not to engender greed or entitlement.

ALPHA: EP held at a time in the future will be used as a measure to define distribution for any future token launch and will also be an ongoing measure for non-financial team perks such as meditation retreats, merch drops and more for users with total EP over a certain level when the team take snapshots.

Subscriptions: Since a business needs revenue to thrive and grow, we need to pay for activities like a team, growth marketing and building more value for our users, but we also want to encourage altruism and the redistribution of wealth through our platform. We will have a base rate of subscription membership, giving access to our community and app, but the more you pay, the more you’ll earn altruism EP and non-financial rewards later down the line, whilst we redistribute this both for growth and for the burn-to-earn community.

Value Generating
Mechanisms Continued

Community Partnerships:  MoS will also provide meditation to web3 organisations and communities who will be able to purchase bundles of individual subscriptions and services, including tailored meditation sessions, for community audiences. Later in our journey, organisations will be able to mint an NFT that their community members can link to, which will evolve dynamically to display the mental wellness state of their community and the level of the communities’ altruism. We will also then hold awards events to recognise and reward the communities with the highest state of wellbeing and altruism amongst  their members. Well-managed communities with direction can be powerful, and we aim to be the uniting force, for good, across these communities, whilst adding wellness as a core feature, just as any traditional employee should expect. We will also be a stable, uniting being, where people can come together, share in the growth of their wellbeing and where loneliness can be cured.

Community Creator Content Revenue: Our goal is for creators to be able to mint, own and share their meditation content, which will then be available in-app (subject to our standards and approval to encourage high-quality content). Meditators can then tip created content, which will also evolve the creators’ dNFT faster.

We’ll also aim to treat creators fairly while still encouraging mindfulness and rewarding altruism. Rather than revenue sharing a disproportionate and high fixed rate like other platforms, creators will be free to set their own rate that we will use to both grow our business and distribute altruistically while EP and other bonuses will also be rewarded to those who choose to give. This creator functionality will be launched later down the line, but we’ll provide other ways for creators to earn EP for supporting us as we grow.

“DeFi for Good” and Social Impact Distribution: We’ll enter into partnerships with social-good providers to facilitate ways to give back like smart contract staking and wealth redistribution with a percentage of our revenue. This has the added benefit of generating a percentage yield on tokens held in the treasury, enabling the growth of the treasury while distributing rewards and value as it grows in alignment with our mission. Finally, everyone we interact with will be encouraged to share meditation with their communities through us, and these partnerships will aim to do this at scale.

Our Token: Everyone asks ‘wen token,’ but rarely ‘why token.’ We’re dedicated to building a valuable community that people want to be a part of, and a token will be a later part of that growth in the future. However, the value that sits behind a token must be built first, rather than on speculation alone, so a token will come later and will not be the sole reason we have value.

MoS Planned Roadmap

Q1 2023 Lifetime Membership Twinned NFT Sale
  • One-off issue only. Limited supply that will be issued in waves
  • Holders of this will be able to have additional benefits when the dNFT launches, whilst having lifetime access to the MoS app
  • Integration of crypto payments for subscriptions and donations
Q2/3 2023 Twinned dNFT Launch
  • Each new paid subscriber can mint one, with one more minted automatically, to be given away via an application process that grants access to our community and app
  • Lifetime holders mint with additional benefits on launch
  • New subscribers can mint one dNFT per wallet, with only one being able to be connected per MoS app to prevent gaming
  • Earning of creator EP will be available over time after launch, with opportunities starting with simple content review tasks on Discord through to full on-chain content creation later
2023/2024 TBD
  • On-chain native token launch (Name TBD)
  • Initial distribution linked to dNFT EP level
  • Token as an in-app earning/burning and spending currency with a later launch of a marketplace to buy merch, run donation campaigns unlocked at certain EP levels, tip creators, and more
  • Launch of an app zone to spend/donate earned tokens. Donation campaigns linked to community-led fundraising initiatives for social causes with specific funding goals

The Twinned dynamic NFT (dNFT)

Image Credit: Midjourney Bot
The dNFT will be at the heart of what we do and will generate visually along four different traits with an additional unique visual trait for those who hold a lifetime membership NFT from our pre-dNFT launch collection. dNFTs will be minted along with the first subscription payment or upon dNFT launch for existing subscribers.
Each new purchased dNFT triggers a second one to be minted that will be given out in an application process for app and community access to someone who can’t afford it. The free subscription will not lapse if the paid one does because our primary mission is the power of community spreading habit-forming meditation.

dNFT Illustrated

When a paid dNFT subscription or lifetime NFT is minted, another will automatically be minted
Twinned dNFT

dNFT mechanics

The dNFT will:
  • Gain EP against different traits below for specific actions
  • Actions (or lack of) trigger the evolution or devolution of your dNFT
  • EP will be cumulative, with up to 1M EP per person available initially per dNFT
  • The paid dNFT will come linked to the subscriptions in-app with an altruism slider to set the level of subscription you want to pay for, whilst the free dNFT will enable zero-cost access
  • The dNFT will allow burning of EP to a capped USDC or native token amount each month to facilitate wealth redistribution to those that need it
  • More EP = Increased access to rewards like events, exclusive merch, and native token distribution in future. We’ll take snapshots, and users above certain EP thresholds will be eligible for whatever we’ve taken the snapshot for, from retreats and events to partner merch and perks we may choose to send to user wallets
  • There will not be any visual difference between free or paid dNFTs
  • The four different visual and intrinsic traits of the dNFT, which evolve with action, are:
  • Meditation Streak Strength (300k EP available) - This is the core of our community, no matter why you’re here with us, so it will form the foundation of your NFT
  • Altruism Strength (300k EP available) - This will be the trait that will earn and generate based on the strength of your giving, either rewards and/or bonuses for additional giving
  • Creator Strength (200k EP available) - Those that create content on MoS, in future as an NFT, will be able to level up their creator EP based on interactions of meditators with their content
  • Contributor Strength (200k EP available) - Those that refer new users to the app will have the chance to earn this category of EP. This will also level up based on active participation for roles such as moderators in the community

dNFT mechanics

What does a “Twinned” dNFT mean?
  • When a paid dNFT subscription or lifetime NFT is minted, another will be minted automatically. The additional dNFT is applied for by those who may not otherwise be able to afford a subscription to a meditation platform, and it unlocks access to the MoS app for both NFT holders
  • MoS will connect users via their dNFT, and they’ll be able to see how the other is doing and support each other in forming and keeping the habit of meditation while building relationships around the world
  • Not only that, but as we know how lonely web3 can feel, the dNFT will bring people together in web3 from all over the world - you’ll always have someone watching out for you. There is no greater power of web3 than this
  • We want to help others form habits and feel a sense of community, and the ability to connect with others around the world is beneficial, so your meditation twin will change periodically
Additional dNFT functions:
  • The dNFT is tradeable but with a fee to the MoS treasury. Each time the dNFT is traded it loses EP and the trade action is time-locked and can only be traded once per 6 months
  • There will be non-financial rewards through partner relationships, merch, exclusive retreats, IRL events in cities around the world and more. Access to these will be gated to those with over a certain threshold of EP, depending on the event/level of reward and can be defined on each occasion
  • The ultimate aim is to encourage our altruistic tendencies via the form of offering a scaled subscription fee model to paid subscribers where the more they choose to pay above the base subscription, the more is available for meditators to burn their EP for those that need it
  • To support the fact that underlying all this is the habit of meditation, to burn EP for rewards, you will need to have a certain meditation streak
Note: the Lifetime NFT is not tradeable and is not dynamic

Actions to evolve the dNFT

Meditator Strength - EP will be earned based on meditations completed, with multipliers for streaks and bonuses for completing “learn to earn” content that will help you to gain a deeper understanding of meditation. Breaking of streaks will reset any bonuses or multipliers. However, we understand that sometimes life just gets in the way, so you’ll be able to spend EP or even make a donation to protect your streak. If there’s a period of meditation inactivity, your meditation EP will decrease, and your dNFT will devolve. 
Altruism Strength - Users that choose the higher subscription categories will automatically earn EP in this category. Bonus EP will be available for those who choose to donate additionally, over and above their MoS subscription. Remember, the higher you are in EP, the more access to non-financial rewards you will have, such as IRL events, retreats, merch and more.
Creator Strength - Creator EP will be implemented over time, but the vision is for it to be earned by creators based on engagement with the community-approved content they have created, which will also be supplemented by tips.
Contributor Strength - Taking actions such as the number of new users referred via unique referral links, and supporting the community and MoS in other ways, such as content moderation, Discord support and more, will earn EP faster in this category
Note: achieving the top level of EP will only be achieved by only the most engaged users and ecosystem participants, but there will be big rewards for those who do

DAO & Governance

To DAO or Not to DAO
DAO is an often misused term, with “DINO” (DAO In Name Only) or “DO” (Decentralised Organisation) often being more accurate. MoS will begin its journey with a centralised, paid, core team in control, but doing so alongside your inputs and looking for opportunities to hand over core components. Regulation in the web3 space is evolving quickly, and we strongly believe that DAOs will play a key role in the future of work. The ability to hire globally, without prejudice of race, gender, ethnicity, residence or otherwise, but rather for what the individual brings to the table is of huge importance to us, and we commit to being open with our users to ways to make this happen. That said, full decentralisation from the very beginning can slow growth, especially in the early stages of any business when decisions need to be made quickly; therefore we call out openly that we are not a DAO, although we will continue to explore it as we grow.
Anti-Sybil/Gaming the System
The app may be linked in future to health functionality on the users’ devices (Apple, Android, AR/VR etc.). It will monitor user movement and characteristics based on the activity being undertaken, with limits on the rewards earned based on each type of activity (meditating / learning / creating). There will also be caps on earning EP and how much USDC or token you can burn for. Finally, to claim financial rewards, you need to burn your earned EP, therefore reducing your benefits such as the non-financial rewards and also capping any earnings within a set boundary. We want to distribute wealth fairly and sustainably, not pay you $400 for meditating once. If something is too good to be true, it often is.
Gone will be the days when whale wallets hold disproportionate voting power. The dNFT EP level will hold the key to the strength of voting a user holds. This ensures that any governance vote is contributed to both by the most active and most valuable users. This increases the chance of voter participation but also rewards the work and loyalty in a true fashion of decentralisation. 
Community governance votes will only be for strategic decisions and not for everyday business, which will be run using the EP traits or in pods within the community later down the line as it develops and grows. Governance will be underpinned by an overarching community set of laws that will be defined towards the latter half of ‘22/early ‘23, with any major change to these laws requiring a community vote. 
The Token
Tokenomics must be backed by value. Value is created ultimately by capturing the value of being a successful business first. By focusing on achieving the best product and experience for our users, with rewards beyond just a speculative token, we ensure that, when we launch the token, it will be a strong, growing, usable store of community value and the currency to redeem for a variety of different functions. 

Simply put, we will build, with a community that shares in our growth and defines its value, with benefits that are tailored for the needs of each participant. The value of this globally connected and strong ecosystem will power the value of the token, along with its usability, and the strong sustainable tokenomic model that we will launch around it.

Transparency and
Acceptance of Where the
World is Today

Think of this a bit like a team member disclaimer. While we’re building and adopting a model that is shaped by and for a community, we openly call out several key fundamentals
Speed of evolution - Web3 and DeFi is changing rapidly in terms of technological advances, ways of working and innovation at a speed not seen since the industrial revolution. The world is in a different place today, and we have a chance to be a part of its journey.
Decentralisation can hold the key, but sustainable value-driven mechanisms are needed for the future of tokens and protocols - There is a dangerous sense of entitlement in the world. We are going to do our best to let our users build and own real value, but this will be backed tangibly, and while we will distribute tokens to early users, it will be against tracked usage and contribution (EP).
We are learning as we go - Let’s call this one out -  We’re surrounding ourselves with amazing people on this journey, including you, but things will absolutely change on the journey; accepting and loving this change from the start is key. We will learn, refine and adjust to the best of our abilities.
A “little bit of centralisation is ok” - We accept that most DAOs, protocols or otherwise have a core team who does lots of the work and that whilst full DAO voting meets the values of decentralisation, there are also issues with voter turnout, and voting on everything hampering the speed of execution, and ultimately the chances of success and growth.

CLosing Statement

“All that we are looking for in life — all the happiness, contentment, and peace of mind — is right here in the present moment. Our very own awareness is itself fundamentally pure and good. The only problem is that we get so caught up in the ups and downs of life that we don’t take the time to pause and notice what we already have.”
Mingyur Rinpoche
At the heart of it, we’re all united by the same core desires: to seek deeper connection, to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing, to activate our fullest potential, and to unlock new ways for us all to lead better lives.

When we combine meditation with mechanisms that inspire connection, growth and giving, we enable new ways to reconnect to ourselves and each other, so we can positively impact how we shape and show up in all our communities, however far they span.