Shared Vision

Co-created & Co-owned

Moments of Space aspires to accelerate awakening on an unprecedented scale, but we can’t get there alone

Our vision is to inspire a community-driven co-creation of groundbreaking meditation platforms that develop deeper dimensions of consciousness and enable us all to embrace the karmic benefits and value generated by this collective transformation

As we venture towards unlocking the most advanced awakening technologies the world has ever seen, we dream of rediscovering our interconnectedness through a cooperative, collaborative, and collectively-owned model that honours the essence of our teachings

Let’s unite to evolve and awaken higher levels of human consciousness so our shared future can reflect our innate oneness and wisdom within

Shared Venture

Co-creation & Rewards Roadmap

Our journey towards creating a system that rewards positive action is already in its early stages. As you meditate, contribute, co-create, donate, or collaborate, you’ll unlock future rewards across the three categories of awakening, community, and co-ownership

Meditation Points

As soon as you download our app and begin your meditation practice with us, you'll become a part of our community and be eligible to take actions to share in the value we generate

In-app meditation minutes allow you to collect monthly Journey meter awards, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and beyond, which will soon translate to wider community rewards

With us, every moment of meditation counts, however small, but the more you meditate, the more rewards you’ll be eligible to receive in the future

Contribution Points

Soon, you’ll be able to participate in conversations on our upcoming website forum to collect contribution points and broaden the horizons of your own meditation journey. You can give us feedback, tell us what you’d like to see more of, share details about your practice, and explore personal experiences of awakening with others, helping you earn more points and future rewards

In the future, you’ll also be able to earn contributions points through our affiliate system. Each new user you invite to our platform will generate contribution points for you to collect with additional points earnt if they subscribe

Creation Points

Our ultimate goal is to establish a teacher incubator program, inviting experienced meditation practitioners to collaborate with us in creating awakening content for our app

In line with our community-driven philosophy, our users will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred meditations and teachers to be featured on our platforms. The number of points you accumulate with us will determine the number of votes you receive

Our vision is to attract highly skilled teachers of awakening and empower them to share their valuable content with our community. To ensure a consistent standard of excellence, we’ll establish a teacher committee dedicated to upholding our approach and maintaining the quality of the content we offer

Altruism Points

We aim to cultivate a culture of compassion, empathy, and collective support, where everyone feels inspired to make a positive difference to others and the world around them. We believe that by fostering an environment that celebrates and rewards altruistic action, we can not only promote personal growth but also amplify the transformative power of collective kindness

Our reward system will soon acknowledge altruistic action in a "pay it forward" culture, where acts of kindness and generosity are encouraged, recognised, and rewarded

Users who help others on their journey, donate or contribute to charitable causes, or engage in selfless acts of kindness will be able to accumulate altruism points as a token of appreciation. We hope that this positive feedback loop will motivate and reinforce altruistic behaviour within our community

Community Commitment

While the specifics surrounding co-ownership are evolving, we remain committed to creating a fair and inclusive system that aligns with our shared vision

To earn community membership and become a co-owner, we envisage a points threshold being met and maintained for a specified period of time. As long as the threshold is achieved and sustained in order to demonstrate active engagement, users will be rewarded with community membership

As our community expands and milestones are reached, the journey towards shared ownership will become progressively more challenging to acknowledge the dedication of our early supporters

Stay tuned for further insights and updates; your contributions, commitment, and dedication will be rewarded, and your impact will ripple through the wider collective fabric of who we are and who we become

Shared Value

Co-Ownership Roadmap

We aspire to become the world's largest community-owned meditation platform, empowering a shared ownership of the value generated by our collective meditation efforts.

The path to community ownership of collective value is set out in a phased transformation:

Phase 1:
Establishing Trust & Commitment

Our first step is to transfer 20% of Moments of Space shares into a trust or community vehicle, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to this shared journey and setting the stage for collaborative governance and equitable value distribution

Phase 2:
Building the Community Structure

In our next steps, we'll explore the creation of a legal framework for community ownership, considering options such as a co-operative society or a community benefit society. The 20% ownership held by the trust will transition into this community-driven structure, fostering active participation and collective decision-making

Phase 3:
Scaling Community Ownership

As we expand our horizons, we aim to explore innovative approaches to scale community ownership, and the potential utilisation of blockchain tokens as representative shares is under consideration. Our goal is to navigate these challenges responsibly, seeking regulatory compliance where necessary

Enabling Shared

Community Ownership:
Your Stake, Your Influence

Our vision is to provide community members with a tangible stake in the project. By holding 20% of Moments of Space shares, the community will gain a proportional say in organisational decisions. A dedicated governance committee will oversee community voting and decision-making processes, ensuring inclusivity and transparency

Community Distributions:
Sharing Success

As the foundation of shared value, the community-owned structure will mean members are eligible to receive a portion of the profits generated by Moments of Space. This commitment reinforces our principle of equitable participation, fostering a dynamic ecosystem in which everyone benefits

Extracting Value:
A Continuum of Opportunity

We're creating a platform where community members can both contribute and benefit. As a part of our shared journey, we aim to enable you to extract the value you've helped to create. In practical terms, this means you can sell your stake back to the community or trust, essentially cashing in on the value you've helped generate

This cycle ensures a continuous flow of value, where members contribute to, benefit from and ultimately return value back to the community. As our project grows and thrives, this allows for reinvestment and opportunities for new members to join

Coming Together:
Navigating our Collective Destiny

In this transformative journey, your engagement and support are invaluable. While our commitment remains steadfast, the path forward is a roadmap we must navigate together. Let’s collaboratively shape a future where shared ownership and collective prosperity thrive

Shared Action

Steps you can take now

Collect Meditation Points

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  • Meditate using our ioS app and achieve at least a bronze monthly meditation award. Each award you achieve will accumulate Meditation Points


  • Complete a meditation Path in our online course to collect more Meditation Points

Collect Contributions Points

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  • Join our website community forum to collect Contribution Points for each month of membership. Join the conversation and give us feedback on our platform or project to earn additional points

  • Follow our social channels to receive monthly Contribution Points

“Any attempt to capture the direct experience of the nature of mind in words is impossible. The best that can be said is that it is immeasurably peaceful and, once stabilised through repeated experience, virtually unshakable. It's an experience of absolute well-being that radiates through all physical, emotional and mental states - even those that might ordinarily be labeled as unpleasant"

Mingyur Rinpoche

“The next Buddha may not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community; a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth”

Thich Nhat Hanh