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Luna Jay Site Updates

  • 1/21/14 Amazing gig at Subsonic on 1/3! First time spinning Drum & Bass! Woo hoo! I need to get this recorded soon...trying to mix DJing with the life of being a grownup...le sigh. But I'm DJing the grand opening night of the Coverings boutique in SLO (been doing some graphics work for them)! This will be fun.
  • 11/2/12 Busy lives move on, and inspiration continues...shows picking back up!
  • 5/21/12 New show added! Still rockin :)
  • 07/28/11 A much needed update! Past shows are listed, flyers and photos will be up soon as I develop a way to display them, and a 40min snippet of my set from SM Bass will be up as well, thanks to DJ Travesty! I forgot how fast time flies, as 2 events I can't even remember the exact dates for! Doh! Last two events went OFF. Santa Maria Bass on Thursday 7/21 and a full night gig at a burlesque show at the Z that Saturday...staying busy! Check back soon for more.
  • 04/13/11 Site is LAUNCHED! Check back for more updates and be sure to send in your thoughts.