Luna Jay
  • 7/20/14 I'm opening for the world famous Kristina Sky tonight with local acts Starane and Deltahouse! It was difficult coming up with the perfect set, considering Kristina's spins trance, and I don't! But I got something together that I'm excited to share that will work with the theme of the night, while keeping my sound and style alive :) Also, I've worked out a gig with DJ Lytic and the newly renovated Library Lounge in Downtown SLO on August 8! Come on out! This will be one of the first EDM nights that the venue is working to get going.
  • 1/21/14 Amazing gig at Subsonic on 1/3! First time spinning Drum & Bass! Woo hoo! I need to get this recorded soon...trying to mix DJing with the life of being a grownup...le sigh. But I'm DJing the grand opening night of the Coverings boutique in SLO (been doing some graphics work for them)! This will be fun.
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7/20/14 - Midsummer Night's Dream Party - A Lovers & Lace Masquerade with Kristina Sky, Deltahouse and Starane - The Graduate, San Luis Obispo, CA

8/08/14 - EDM Night with DJ Lytic - The Library Lounge, San Luis Obispo, CA