Luna Jay

The birth of the Luna Jay persona is a result of a musical obsession sprouting at ten years old with the advent of DOS and Windows 3.1 music composition software and the repetitive and catchy theme songs of PC adventure games. A family full of musicians sparked an involvement in ensemble music: trumpet in seventh and eighth grade, and saxophone and clarinet up to eleventh before MTV rock acts and a local concert by the industrial group Orgy fueled the fire behind picking up the bass guitar and eventually starting a Blink-182 and Thrice inspired punk band, called Assa Nine, with the position of both bass and vocals. The band played in various venues from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles but ended in 2003 as college obligations persued and musical tastes grew apart.

Behind the scenes around the year 1998, the psy/goa act Astral Projection was working their way up and The Crystal Method rose higher to fame. The discovery of both musical acts helped bring forth a strong taste for the world of electronic music and upon the end of Assa Nine, the face behind the future Luna Jay was reborn and ready to start fresh.

A visit to London acted as an introduction to a genuine club scene, as well as the world of Drum & Bass, and thus a genuine ambition to continue the musical obsession through the PLURrrrful world of electronic music grew its roots. After returning home to realize the rave scene in San Luis Obispo was rapidly dying out as more and more MTV-raised college students flooded the town, the desire to support the scene spiked and a Behringer mixer, two Stanton C-303s, and a new arsenal of Anjunabeats-style trance and house were acquired and work as a new DJ began.

Networks and support grew among EDM supporters and DJs in town and after spinning at a few parties of friends, trips to various raves up and down the coast (including a VIP experience standing behind Deepsky's Jason Blum on stage at San Bernardino's "Groovy II" in 2007), Colorado Springs-based What! Radio discovered the talent of Luna-J through Myspace and thus, the said name was born with a specialty lying in the realm of electro house and an internet radio gig every Monday from 8-10pm.

Luna scored her first gig in downtown San Luis Obispo at Mo|Tav with DJs Mikey Lion and Jake Is... during one of the venue's first Electro Wednesdays, and continued with gigs at Native Lounge, The Library and all around the county. Luna Jay soon discovered a new sound of heavier, rock-inspired electro, tech and breakbeats after playing with minimal, drum & bass and trance (which was her original inspiration), and has had the privilege of opening for Ron Reeser of Ultra Records and DJ Loli, as well as a vocal collaboration with local DJ/producer Audiobit. She continues to experiment with all types of EDM, and her sound continues to grow and evolve with each gig, practice session and throughout a future in producing.

Wherever the San Luis Obispo scene ends up, Luna Jay continues to promote the peace, love, unity, and respect of the electronic music universe, and aims to continue to rock your dance floor as much as your ears and feet can handle...if not more...

Influences:David West, DJ Loli, Above & Beyond, J. Scott G., Far Too Loud, Julien-K, Summer Channel, Armin Van Buuren, Hatiras, Deepsky, Sydney Blu, Ferry Corsten, Mashtronic, DJ Icey, DJ Payne, Static-X, Orgy